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Radio broadcasts

Gisela Nauck: Klanginstallation Pulsating Patio in: Heroines of Sound Berlin, Deutschlandradio Kultur 2015 

Ruth Waldeyer: Raudio Aasland with Jutta Ravenna: Rotation, Artradio Reboot-fm 2014

Cluster, Deutschlandradio Kultur 2012

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Research and Teaching

hybrid platform, Visualization and Sonification, transdiscplinary Research of the UdK and TU Berlin 2016

Sound Studies University of Arts of Berlin 2015 , Artist-Talk at Mastercolloquium

Sound Studies, University of Arts of Berlin 2014 , Lecture

Lecture Series Technical University of Berlin 2012, Facultry Audio Communication, Electronic Music Studio, Artist talk

Lectureship University of Oldenburg 2012, "Soundbridges"

Lectureship University of Oldenburg 2012 , "Searching for new spaces of listening"

Lectureship University of Oldenburg 2011 , "How sounds red?"