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Noahs Arch, Musicfestival Brandenburg

Noahs Arch, Musicfestival Brandenburg, acoustic simulation of an increasing water line in an old shipyard

Noahs Arch, into the walls embedded loudspeakers

Noahs Arch, into the walls embedded loudspeakers  

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Noah's Arch (1994)

"from the different velocity ratios of the movement between the water's surface and its bottom"

(. . .) where the water is slow at the bottom and fast at the top, where the water is slow at the top and bottom, but fast in the middle, where the water spreads out in the river, and where it converges, where it curves and where it straightens, where its distributed evenly and unevenly in the breath of the river, where it's deep in the middle and shallow at the shores. Where it's shallow on the sides and deep in the middle. From the different angles of inclination (. . .) (Leonardo da Vinci)

The derelict dry dock provided the space in which artistic considerations about modern man in relationship with nature (water) and the simulation thereof could be presented. A slow rising and falling water level is simulated. At first, the area around one's feet is flooded; the ankles are covered slowly with water. Soon thereafter, the acoustic-water-level rises to one's chest, and continues in shifting waves over one's head: an underwater world evolves.