Jutta Ravenna

Jutta Ravenna

Born 1960 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Ravenna studied visual arts and music in Düsseldorf and Berlin. As sound-artist, she works with visual and acoustical objéts trouvés. On the border between visual art and music, she researches intermodal perceptional qualities between acoustics and visual themes, mostly with site-specific installations. Since 1994 examples of works in lakes, abandoned shipyards, a gelatine-factory, old churches and monasteries, radio stations and universities. Several shows in Germany and abroad, among others: Filmfestival Sao Paulo, Soundtower St. Pölten, Festival for Music and Light Berlin, singuhr audio-gallery Berlin, Villa Contarini Padua, Deutsche Telekom Berlin, Akademie der Künste Berlin. Ravenna is co-founder of the events "Klangkunst im Dialog" and curator of the festival "Sonifications" 2017 at Berlin Society of New Music.(view: audible-data-streams.com)

Exhibitions (read more)

2017    SesamSesam, 3D Dancing Sound - Conducting Data, sonification of WLAN traffic, Festival "Sonifications-Audible Data Streams", Berlin Society of New  Music, Villa Elisabeth Berlin 

2015    Pulsating Patio (Field 1 + 2), two space located soundinstallations in public space, Festival Heroines of Sound, Berlin Society of New  Music

2014    Rotation „The complexity of different points of sound observation in a space“, room prepared with Leslie Speakers,  AUSLAND Berlin

2014    Vox Humana,  Soundperformance for amplified solo voice from a subterranean speaker covered with soil, AUSLAND Berlin

2013    Speakers' Corner, nominated for QUBIT-Festival New York City

2013    Emphatic Chairs,  quEAR Audio Festival in Berlin

2012    Cluster, audio-visual cluster made of public address speakers integrated into the urban architecture, Blurred Edges, Festival of Contemporary Music   Hamburg

2010 Speakers' Corner, interactive sound sculpture in public space at Netzwerk KLANG, Hamburg  and Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Berlin

2004 Wing Beat, loudspeakers in the vegetal fur of the museum's façade, Märkisches Museum Berlin, as part of the festival “Starlings in Berlin"

2002 Emphatic Chairs , Deutsche Telekom Berlin, 4 sounding domed hair dryers with loudspeakers and vibrating seats

2001 Nail-Music, film-soundtrack in collaboration with Antal Lux, Sao-Paulo-Film-Festival

2000 Electronics goes green?, sound-sculpture, sonification of living plants, data in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute Berlin

1999 The 9th Column, interactive sounding column made from computer-mainboards, Sound Gallery of Radio Free Berlin

1999 Binär, interactive data-sound-sphere with photo cells, Klangturm St. Pölten

1998 Data-Sound-Window, Field 4,   first permanently installed sound-sculpture, integrated into the architecture of the university-building, Sonification Project of audible data-streams, Electronic Studio of the Technical University Berlin  


1998 Data-Audio-Walk, Field 4, indoor and outdoor, International Congress of Mathematicians, Technical University Berlin

1997 Chipmusic, interactive wall of mainboards and sound, Berlin-Padua-Wien

1996 Data-Sound-Window, Field 3, Festival Music and Light, Parochialkirche,  Berlin Society of New Music, Sonification of daylight

1996 Data-Sound-Column, Field 1, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

1996 Data-Sound-Column, Field 2, Berliner Künstlerförderung

1996 10n Operations in 10 Hours for the Security of a City, interactive Data-Sound-Window, (Field 3), sound-art festival Sonambiente at singuhr- audio-gallery Berlin, Location-dependent densification 2

1996 Data-Sound-Window, Field 2, Petri-Chapel Brandenburg Cathedral

1995 Data-Sound-Window, Field 1,  Brandenburg Cathedral

1994 Noah's Ark, Music Festival Brandenburg, acoustic simulation of a rising water line in an old shipyard

1994 QuietNoises, Field 3 , sound installation in an abandoned gelatine factory (VEB Gelatinewerk), Brandenburg

1994 QuietNoises, Field 2 , sound installation with floating sound-buoys, installed on Rangsdorfer Lake, near Berlin

1994 QuietNoises, Field 1, interactive sound installation with extremely soft high-frequency insect sounds, which are hidden in a tree trunk, density controlled by ultrasonic-sensors, location-dependent densification 1, University of Fine Arts Berlin, Location-dependent densification 1

1994 Perpetual Glissandi, Concert for seven domed hair dryers, Irrton-Festival Berlin

1989 Sounding Wheel, Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin