Wing Beat

Wing Beat, Märkisches Museum Berlin

Wing Beat, Märkisches Museum Berlin, as part of the festival “Stare in Berlin",

 loudspeakers, hidden in the vegetal fur of the museum's facade 

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Wing Beat (Field 1)
Environmental installation
Berlin 2004

One of the walls of the Märkisches Museum (located in Berlin-Mitte) facing the neighbouring park is amply covered by grapevine. By the mingling of nature and architecture, of nature and culture, an opposition is established. This idyllic piece of partial wilderness hosts a variety of birds and insects. At different heights and evenly distributed all over this vegetal wall I have hidden loudspeakers. The soundfield made up of invisible sound sources evokes a moving, blurred ephemeral area with ever-changing spacial points of interest. Like a flock of birds it varies in density and formation. Delicate wing beat sounds are to be heard at a very soft level, so that the listening is pointed to the environmental sounds as well. An acoustical illusion emerges: are these sounds we are hearing live wing beats or do they originate from the loudspeakers