Speakers Corner

Speakers' Corner, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Berlin

Speakers' Corner, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Berlin,

sound sculpture for public space made of public address speakers

Speakers' Corner, Festival Netzwerk-KLANG Hamburg

Speakers' Corner, Festival Netzwerk-KLANG Hamburg,

interactive sound sculpture for a public parc

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Speakers´ Corner 2010

Speakers’ Corner, one of earliest phenomena of democratic publicity, which occured in the north-east corner of London’s Hyde Park, was a place where it was possible to deliver public speeches, as an opportunity to debate and discussion. Freedom of expression was granted. My sound-sculpture is a rendering of this situation in terms of sound art. In form of a sonic intervention in public space I implemented external public address loudspeakers of different origin like ships, train stations, border control installations. Embedded into the specific visual, acoustic and social environment of the parc or the area of Böll-Foundation, the sculpture invited passers-by to interfere with the sonic events by delivering their own speech inputs into the built-in microphones, thereby actively transforming the sound material by superimposing their own vocal interventions. Two microphones integrated vis-à-vis to each other offered the possibility to speak or to sing into the sound-sculpture simultaneously, thus possibly causing a musical discourse. First with the aid of a ring modulator and later by a sampler participants were able to experiment with the original and processed sounds of their own voice. After being sampled the vocal signals of the speakers were played back processed acoustically and original. The sound events of speech had been controlled by the computer respective rhythmical placement, streching and compression under predetermined aleatoric operations.