QuietNoises (Field 1)

Artist Jutta Ravenna collecting QuietNoises

Artist Jutta Ravenna collecting QuietNoises

University of Fine Arts Berlin, interactive Soundinstallatio

QuietNoises, Field 1, University of Fine Arts Berlin, interactive Soundinstallation with extremely soft high frequency insect sounds, which are hidden in a tree trunk, density navigated by ultrasonic-sensors, location-dependent densification 1

QuietNoises, Score Field 1

QuietNoises, Score Field 1


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QuietNoises addresses the avoidance of displaying liveliness in nature.

"In the ground beetle (Broscus cephalotes) it is particularly impressive to watch their reflex of playing dead (Thanatose). If a danger threatens, many bugs lapse into complete immobility.  Many spread their legs in spasmodic rigidity wide out from their body, so these cannot be bent in; others pull the extremities completely into themselves in order to deprive the enemy of any attack opportunities ". (Adolf Horion: coleopterology for nature lovers, Frankfurt / M, 1949).

Extremely quiet high-frequency insects sounds hidden in a tree trunk are  transformed, almost imperceptibly, at an easy tempo. An acoustic deception arises: are the animal sounds playing from the speakers or are insect noises coming from inside the wood? location-dependent densification 1