A Piece of War

sounding shoes, ventilator, zinc bucket,
A Piece of War, loudspeakers, hospital bed, foto
A Piece of War-Project Auditive Memory-Sonomemo, Errant Sound Gallery Berlin, 2019

A Piece of War-Project Auditive Memory-Sonomemo, Errant Sound Gallery Berlin, sound-sculpture, loudspeaker vehicle with Video-Loop

A Piece of War-loudspeaker prams in the camouflage style of the military on the walls, ceiling and ground
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A Piece of War 

exhibition of auditive remembrance "Sonomemo"  

Errant Sound Gallery 

Berlin 2019

In the context of the universal topic of traumas of sexualised war violence of the last century, Jutta Ravenna processes her mother's war trauma from the Second World War. For her sound installation she has set words from stories and memories of sounds to music; documentary material can also be heard.  The sounds penetrate from soldier boots and loudspeaker prams designed by the artist in the camouflage style of the military, which seem to drive along the ceiling, floor and walls of the exhibition space.

In her search for a culture of remembrance, the artist develops auditory methods that make it possible to experience the transgenerational transmission of images of terror. Heart sounds via ultrasound or the stethoscope of mother, daughter and granddaughter are made audible.

It is about showing the cycle of birth and death, giving life and taking life.