A Piece of Dirt

A Piece of Dirt, for an abandonned Military Building,  Biennale Urbana - Venice 2019

A Piece of Dirt, for an abandonned Military Building,  Biennale Urbana - Venice 2019

Sound - Installation  for water, sound and dirt from 7 subterrestial  loudspeakers

Sound - Installation  for water, sound and dirt from 7 subterrestial  loudspeakers

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A Piece of Dirt


The location of the Performance-Installation, a closed-down military base, called "Casema di Pepe", is located at the Lido of Venice in Italy. The whole courtyard is mapped to the geography of Venice in a compressed scale and reproduces the real proportions of distance in the city due to a soundmap of the urban soundsphere. The fieldrecordings correspond with the Venezian Soundmap project of the Insituto per la musica in cooperation with the Conservatorio Di Musica Benedetto Marcello: The Station, the Piazza di San Marco, the Accademia, Churches, water channels, the Canal Grande, the waterbus stop Accademia.

In a performance, seven holes of varying depths are digged in the courtyard of the military building, to sink loudspeakers into vertical sound tubes. The piece operates on a scale of different volume levels. For this, Jutta Ravenna experiments with different depths of hole to lengthen the resonance tubes. Here, the water level of Venice is transformed into sound.
The volume of the speakers correlates directly to the current sea level by Venice, as the sound would be manually muted through means of placing earth directly on the membrane of the speakers. To mute the sound, varying amounts of earth will be placed in variably deep holes on the loudspeakers. The scale reaches over about seven levels of volume, all the way till complete silence.
In this situation the audience had their own experiences with water, sound and earth.