Perpetuating Glissando

Perpetuating Glissando, Irrton-Festival Berlin, Concert for seven hood-dryers

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Perpetuating Glissando
Irrton-Festival 1994, Berlin Society of New Music
Unconventional listening situation

Seven hair dryers are prepared with integrated loudspeakers at the front end. During taking place, each hair dryer would sound in a different acoustic color. Perpetuum glissandi (so-called "Sheppard-Tones"), allegory of endless circling thoughts in your head,  suggest the illusion of an endless tonal space viz. loops with risset-effect:  endless tones are rising up. Each hair dryer has a different visual color. Cobalt blue, lemon chrome, carthamine rose u.a. shimmer the acrylic glasses in their specific chromatic transparency. Acoustic color and visual color are correlated in an audiovisual manner.Transducers are installed under the seatings, viz. vibrations generating sound converters. The transmission of acoustic energy occurs directly into the material, in that case into the seats. Accordingly the listener is listening with the whole body instead of the ears as it happens usually .