Pendulum Music

Pendulum Music, Festival DIGITALE – Düsseldorf,  2018

Pendulum Music, Festival DIGITALE – Düsseldorf,  2018

Pendulum Music,  swinging loudspeaker of binary code

Pendulum Music,  swinging loudspeaker of binary code

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Pendulum Music

 Festival Digitale

Düsseldorf 2018

The presentation of the sound window with swinging loudspeaker noisily  stimulates the audience to a critical distance of society's belief in technology through music. The rectangular space in front of the data sound window is demarcated. A rustling loudspeaker swings back and forth in front of the object. 

Analogous to the overflow of immense data masses of music, pictures or videos, a white noise is generated on some circuit boards by means of a pseudo-random generator, by bringing pulses of the sequence of ones and zeros of the binary code on the window in series and connecting them to a loudspeaker coil.

Then the flood of data is slowed down from noise to stochastic pulses to fade away on the surface of the data sculpture in soft, nuanced rhythms.
The vibrating loudspeaker expands the space with an up and down swelling sound that draws a concave arc in the space in front of the object and at the same time shows the text on displays. A series of randomly triggered terms of the anti-algorithm.