Cluster, Blurred Edges Festival for Contemporary Music Hamburg

Cluster, Blurred Edges Festival for Contemporary Music Hamburg

audio-visual cluster made of public address speakers integrated into the urban architecture




Listening with eye masks

Listening with eye masks

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Jutta Ravenna - Cluster - environmental soundinstallation

Blurred Edges Festival for Contemporary Music Hamburg 

In an inconspicuous corner of the “Loge” gallery courtyard, in the historic alleyway district of Hamburg, I installed several clusters of public address loudspeakers so that they seemed to have grown organically on the architecture. Various continually-changing sound clusters emerged from the speakers, consisting of microtonally-layered pitches that were in flux. These microtonal intervals between pitches caused interference and beating. The listener was invited to localize tiny distinctions between single speakers. At the opening, I offered eye masks to the audience so that they could use my environment for a new experience: a chance to spatially-orient themselves using only their ears. Some tones were fixed in space, played by the same loudspeaker, while others could move around from speaker to speaker. The tonal networks could also be varied by continual expansion or compression, the division of greater (or stratification of smaller) multiple-tone complexes, as well as by intermittent adding or subtracting of single frequencies.