Jutta Ravenna, born 1960 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Ravenna studied visual arts and music in Düsseldorf and Berlin. As sound-artist, she works with visual and acoustical objéts trouvés. On the border between visual art and music, she researches intermodal perceptional qualities between acoustics and visual themes, mostly with site-specific installations. Since 1994 examples of works in lakes, abandoned shipyards, a gelatine-factory, old churches and monasteries, radio stations and universities. Several shows in Germany and abroad, among others: Filmfestival Sao Paulo, Goethe Center Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Soundtower St. Pölten, DARB-1718 Cairo, Egypt, Sound Art Gallery SA))_Gallery Moscow, Festival for Music and Light Berlin, singuhr audio-gallery Berlin, Villa Contarini Padua, Deutsche Telekom Berlin, Akademie der Künste Berlin. Ravenna was co-founder of the events "Klangkunst im Dialog" (1996) and curator of the Festival “Sonifications” 2017 at Berlin Society for New Music. (view: Since 2016 she is a member of the Errant Sound group.


Selection of shows:

2020 The Silence behind the Sonic World - a Sound Installation about the process of deafness of the composer B. for a space, prepared with seven sounding bird´s nests hanging from the ceiling, Errant Sound Galerie, Berlin


2020 Listen to Cairo - site specific Sound Installation for 7 earth holes in the garden of the DARB 1718, Cairo, Egypt fellowship Global of the Berlin Senate


2019 A Piece of War - Sound sculpture, 5 loudspeaker vehicles on the walls, ceiling and ground, Video-Loop, ventilator, zinc bucket, hospital bed, foto, text. Project Auditive Memory - Sonomemo, Errant Sound, Berlin


2019 Listen to Bolivia - site specific Sound Installation for four directions of an acoustic compass, Goethe Center Santa Cruz, Bolivia


2019 Vox Humana in the Sahara, Sound Performance for amplified solo voice from a subterrestial speaker covered with soil, Tissardmine, Maroc


2019 A Piece of Dirt - Sound - Performance - Installation for Water, Sound and Dirt from 7 subterrestial loudspeakers in an abandonned Military Building, Biennale Urbana, Venedig


2018 Pendulum Music, swinging loudspeaker for binary code, Festival DIGITALE – Düsseldorf, supported by the Musikfonds


2017 SesamSesam,  Dancing Sound – Conducting Data, Sonification of WLAN-Traffic, Festival Sonifications – audible data streams, Berlin Society of New Music, Villa Elisabeth Berlin


2015 Pulsating Patio, (Field 1 + 2) two space located Soundinstallations in Public Space of Berlin, Festival Heroines of Sound, Berlin


2014 Rotation „The complexity of different points of sound observation in a space“, room prepared with Leslie Speakers, AUSLAND Berlin (view:


2014 Vox Humana,  Soundperformance for amplified solo voice from a subterrestial speaker covered with soil , AUSLAND Berlin (view:


2013 Speakers´ Corner, Nomination for QUBIT-Festival New York City


2013 Emphatic Chairs,  quEAR Audiofestival in Berlin


2012 Cluster, audio-visual cluster made of public address speakers integrated into the urban architecture, New-Music-Festival Blurred Edges, Hamburg


2010 Speakers' Corner, interactive sound sculpture in public space Hamburg and Heinrich-Böll-Foundation        Berlin


2004 Wing Beat, loudspeakers in the vegetal fur of the museum's facade, Märkisches Museum Berlin, as part of the festival “Stare in Berlin"


2002 Emphatic Chairs , Deutsche Telekom Berlin, 4 sounding hood-dryers with loudspeakers and vibrating seats


2001 Nail-Music, film-soundtrack in collaboration with Antal Lux, Sao-Paulo-Film-Festival


2000 Goes Electronics green?, sound-sculpture, sonification of living plants-data in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institut   Berlin


1999 The 9th Column, interactive sounding column made from computer-mainboards, Audio-Gallery of the radio-station „Sender Freies Berlin“


1999 Binär, interactive data-sound-sphere with foto-cells, Klangturm St. Pölten


1998 Data-Sound-Window, Field 4,   first permanently installed sound-sculpture, integrated into the architecture of the university-building, Sonification Project about audible data-streams, Electronic Studio of the Technical University Berlin


1998 Data-Audio-Walk, Field 4, indoor and outdoor , International Congress of Mathematicians, Technical University Berlin


1997 Chipmusic, interactive wall of mainboards and sound, Berlin-Padua-Wien


1996 Data-Sound-Window, Field 3, Festival Music and Light, Parochialkirche,  Berliner Society of New Music, Sonification of daylight


1996 Data-Sound-Column, Field 1, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin


1996 Data-Sound-Column, Field 2, Berliner Künstlerförderung


1996 10n Operations in 10 Hours for the Security of a City, interactive Data-Sound-Window, (Field 3), sound-art festival Sonambiente at singuhr-audio-gallery Berlin, Location-dependent densification 2


1996 Data-Sound-Window, Field 2, Petri-Chapel of Dome of Brandenburg


1995 -Sound-Window, Field 1,  Dome of Brandenburg


1994 Noahs Arch, Musicfestival Brandenburg, acoustic simulation of an increasing water line in an old shipyard


1994 Quiet Phonemes, Field 3 , Soundinstallation  in an abandoned gelatine factory (VEBGelatinewerk), Brandenburg


1994 Quiet Phonemes, Field 2 , Soundinstallation with floating sound-buoys , installed on Rangsdorfer Lake, nearby Berlin


1994 Quiet Phonemes, Field 1 , interactive Soundinstallation with extremely soft high frequency insect sounds, which are hidden in a tree trunk, density navigated by ultrasonic-sensors, location-dependent densification 1 , University of Fine Arts Berlin


1994 Perpetuating Glissando, Concert for seven hood-dryers, Irrton-Festival Berlin


1989 Sounding Wheel, Academy of Fine Arts Berlin





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Radio broadcasts


Gisela Nauck: Jutta Ravennas Klanginstallation Pulsating Patio in: Heroines of Sound Berlin, Deutschlandradio Kultur 2015 

Ruth Waldeyer: Raudio Aasland with Jutta Ravenna: Rotation, Artradio Reboot-fm 2014

Cluster, Deutschlandradio Kultur 2012

Sabine Sanio: Digital Sounding Fields, Sender Freies Berlin 1999

S. di Fusco: Data-Soundwindow, Radio Brandenburg 1996


Research and Teaching


DARB1718 Center Cairo, Egypt 2020,  Workshop for composition and audio engineering students: Listen to the silence of Cairo

Goethe Center Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2019, Workshop for composition and audio engineering students: Listen to Santa Cruz

hybrid platform, Visualization and Sonification, transdiscplinary Research of the UdK and TU Berlin 2016

Sound Studies University of Arts of Berlin 2015 , Artist-Talk at Mastercolloquium

Sound Studies, University of Arts of Berlin 2014 , Lecture

Lecture Series Technical University of Berlin 2012, Facultry Audio Communication, Electronic Music Studio, Artist talk

Lectureship University of Oldenburg 2012, "Soundbridges"

Lectureship University of Oldenburg 2012 , "Searching for new spaces of listening"

Lectureship University of Oldenburg 2011 , "How sounds red?